Round Neck Dry Fit Loose Sports Vest Summer Sleeveless Shirt Running Women Blank Tank Top 

Womens T-Shirts Sleeveless

  • Description:

    Length: Regular

    Material: Polyester and cotton

    Size: Free

    Type: Fitness vest

    Weight: 0.15kgPackage 
    There are many kinds of chemical fabric clothing fabrics used in daily life. Their greatest advantages are wrinkle resistance and good shape retention. Therefore, they are suitable for making coats. Generally, polyester fabrics have the following characteristics:
    1. Polyester fabrics have high strength and resilience. Therefore, they are durable, wrinkle-resistant and ironing-free.
    2. Polyester fabrics have poor water-absorbing quality, suffocating heat, static electricity and dirt, which affect beauty and comfort. However, they are easy to dry after washing, and their wet strength hardly decreases. They do not deform and have good washability and wearability