OMRON MY4N-D2 DC24 power relays

Omron MY4N Relay


  • Product classification:    Single stable
    Operating indicator:    LED
    Coil surge killer:    Not provided
    Degree of protection:    Closed type (cover)
    Terminal structure:    Plug-in terminal
    Coil ratings:    24 VDC 36.3 mA
    Coil resistance:    662 Ω
    Operate voltage (Set voltage):    80% max.
    Release voltage (Reset voltage):   10% min.
    Maximum voltage:    110% (23 ℃)
    Power consumption:    Approx. 0.9 W
    Contact rated load:    220 VAC 3 A (Resistive load)
    220 VAC 0.8 A (Inductive load (cosφ = 0.4))
    24 VDC 3 A (Resistive load)
    24 VDC 1.5 A (Inductive load (L/R = 7 ms))
    Max. contact voltage:    250 VAC   125 VDC
    Max. contact current:    AC: 3 A
    DC: 3 A
    Contact form:    4PDT
    Contact method:    Single
    Contact material:    Au clad + Ag alloy

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