Autonics E40S6-100-3-N-24 Incremental Rotary Encoder

Autonics E40S6-100-3-N-24

  • Data sheet

    Catogerie: Incremental Rotary Encoder 
    Shaft outer diameter:    Ø6mm
    Max. response frequency:    300kHz
    Max. allowable revolution:    5000rpm
    Starting torque:    Max. 0.00392N.m)
    Resolution:    100P/R
    Output phase:    A, B, Z
    Control output:    NPN open collector
    Power supply:    12-24VDC @(=) ±5%(ripple P-P: max. 5%)
    Connection type:    Radial cable type
    Protection structure:    IP50
    Environment_Ambient temperature:-10 to 70℃, storage: -25 to 85℃
    Environment_Ambient humidity:35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 90% RH
    Accessories: Ø6mm coupling standard, Ø8mm coupling(sold separately)
    Weight:    Approx. 120g